Finger Pinch Guard (4pk) by Wittle. This Easy to Use Foam Door Stopper will Prevent Baby Finger Pinch Injuries, Stop Door From Slamming, and Child & Pets from Accidentally Getting Locked in Room!

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Manufacturer Description

As parents we know that baby and child proofing is important in ensuring the safety and well-being of our little ones. Small children, toddlers and crawling babies love to explore and their curiosity often lead them to objects, places, and rooms where they can get hurt.

The doors in our homes are one of those objects that children often navigate to. A door that is allowed to close freely can cause painful finger pinch injuries and the force and weight of a door accidentally slamming shut can result in considerable damage to your child's small and delicate hands.

Wittle Finger Pinch Guard is the simple and easy solution for:

- Avoiding painful finger pinch and jamming injuries
- Stopping the door from slamming shut
- Preventing children and pets from accidentally getting locked in room.


- Made from safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly EVA foam
- Soft and flexible C shape fits easily around any door
- High quality and durable so it won't lose its form over time and slip off door
- Conveniently store hanging around door knob or door handle when not in use
- White color and simple design will blend into any décor style.

To Install:

OPTION 1: Place the Wittle Finger Pinch Guard around the outer edge of the door that's high enough up to be out of reach for children
OPTION 2: Place the Wittle Finger Pinch Guard around the top of the door at least 6 inches from the outer edge.

It is time to stop those slamming doors, accidental lock-ins, and painful finger injuries.

Our customers love the Wittle Finger Pinch Protector because it is a simple, effective, and high quality product that is easy to use.

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Product Features

WITTLE™ FINGER PINCH GUARD ===> Made from soft EVA foam and is perfect for protecting the little hands and fingers of your baby, toddler, or child from getting pinched or jammed due to a door closing. THE FLEXIBLE C SHAPE ===> Makes it easy to attach and it fits around any size door. Because of the tight fit the door stop will not fall or slide off and therefore will prevent your child from accidentally getting locked inside a room. Similarly, pets can roam freely without getting stuck in a room because of a door closing behind them. EASILY USE AS A DOOR DRAFT STOPPER ===> Provides a soft cushion between the door and door frame. This prevents the door from slamming shut due to a breeze coming from an open window or a draft caused by an air conditioner. TO USE ===> Simply place the Finger Pinch Guard on the outer edge of the door and that's high enough up to be out of reach for children. Alternatively, you can place the Finger Pinch Guard on the top of the door at least 6 inches from the outer edge. When not in use simply hang around the door know or door handle. THE WHITE COLOR AND SIMPLE DESIGN ===> Blends in and matches any décor style. The Wittle™ Finger Pinch Guard is a great way to baby proof, and prevent painful injuries from jamming fingers and hands.

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